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How Often Should You Change Your Oil?

Pouring oil into car engine, closeup

Your vehicle’s health is nearly as crucial as your safety. In fact, your safety does depend on a well-maintained car. As it happens, regular oil changes are important to ensuring that your vehicle continues to function normally in the years to come. Over the past decade, engine technology and oil enhancements have helped Norristown drivers travel longer between oil changes than ever before. While most new vehicles carry an oil change frequency between 7,500 and 10,000 miles, you’ll always want to consult your owner’s manual for information specific to your car’s make and model. Have more questions? Contact us today to learn more or schedule an appointment online! 

Is There a Suggested Oil Change Frequency Interval?

How often should you change your oil? While some vehicles carry a higher oil change frequency than others, a good rule of thumb is to get an oil change every 7,000 to 10,000 miles. If you regularly engage in the activities below, you’ll want to change your oil more frequently: 

  • Commercial use
  • Off-roading
  • Heavy towing
  • Racing

Oil Change Frequency 

Need a few oil change tips? If you have more questions about automotive care, contact our service center experts at Wynn Volkswagen to learn more! 

  • Consult your vehicle owner’s manual to find out if conventional or synthetic oil is more appropriate for your vehicle. While synthetic oil is more expensive, it also lasts longer. Some vehicles even require it.
  • Even when your car isn’t driven regularly, oil eventually breaks down. If you’re not often driving, you’ll still want to change your oil at least twice every year. That’s once every six months, put differently.
  • At every oil change, you’ll also want to change your oil filter. Our expert parts center can help you get the correct oil filter for your vehicle! 

How Often Should You Check Oil Levels?

How often should you check your oil? You’ll want to check at least monthly to avoid any issues on Collegeville streets. What should you look for? Monitor your oil for things like changes in texture or color, which can indicate serious issues. If your oil is low or you need automotive service, schedule your service online with Wynn Volkswagen today! 

Wynn Volkswagen is at Your Service!

Now that we’ve explored how often you should change your oil, are you ready to schedule your next service appointment? If you need an oil change, our service team is here to help with the expertise you need, as well as a large selection of parts, should you opt to service your own vehicle in the future. Contact us today for more information and to set up your next service! 

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