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Can I Buy a Volkswagen Bus?

Volkswagen Bus

The classic Volkswagen Bus is well known in the automotive world whether you’re involved with the industry or just an observer. The circular headlights and spacious interior made it an iconic vehicle for families and traveling groups of friends during the length of its tenure. The Volkswagen Bus left the US market in the 1970s, but Norristown drivers can still find it with private sellers and vintage car dealers today.

Learn more about the used Volkswagen Bus models you can find for rent and for sale with Wynn Volkswagen, then keep reading to learn more about the Volkswagen Electric Bus due to release in the 2022 model year. You can also explore our new Volkswagen inventory if you’re looking for a new Volkswagen for your Collegeville commute.

Rent or Buy A Used Volkswagen Bus

If you’re looking to buy a used Volkswagen Bus, you’ll need to go through a vintage car dealership or a private seller. However, finding the model you want in good condition will be difficult. Production of the Volkswagen Bus ended in 2013, making OEM parts hard to come by. Additionally, the maintenance of such an old vehicle will be more expensive since parts will need to be custom ordered. However, if your heart is set on owning a classic Volkswagen Bus they can be found on the private market.

Phoenixville Volkswagen enthusiasts can also rent a classic Volkswagen Bus. Renting allows you to enjoy the vintage style and personality of the Volkswagen Bus without worrying about long-term maintenance. You can find a used Volkswagen Bus on car rental apps like Turo.

Whether you decide to buy or rent a Volkswagen Bus, there are multiple models available to you:

  • Volkswagen Bus Tent
  • Volkswagen Camper Van
  • Volkswagen Hightop Camper Van
  • Volkswagen Type 2 (T1) MicroBus – (This is the classic 1960s model)
  • Volkswagen Type 2 (T2) “Bay Window” Bus
  • Volkswagen Samba-Bus or Deluxe MicroBus
  • Volkswagen Westfalia Camping Van

An Electric Future

The classic Volkswagen Bus hasn’t been sold on the US market since the 1970s, but Volkswagen recently announced that the classic van will be returning for the 2022 model year! This new Volkswagen Bus will come to showroom floors as an all-electric vehicle, once again breaking automotive standards with an all new design and powertrain. While the Volkswagen Electric Bus is still in its concept stages, but there’s a lot we already know about this next-generation vehicle:

  • Dual motors will power the Volkswagen Electric Bus. They’re expected to generate 369 horsepower and offer all-wheel drive.
  • Two batteries are expected with the Volkswagen Electric Bus. The first will hold up to 48 kWh and offer a driving range of 200 miles. The second battery will hold 110 kWh and is expected to provide an even more impressive 340-mile range.
  • The 2022 Bus will receive the VW fast-charge system, meaning it should be able to charge up to 80 percent of its battery in just 30 minutes.
  • According to the Volkswagen Newsroom, each of the new Volkswagen Electric Bus seats can be spun around or removed from the cabin – even the front seats.
  • While it’s still too early to tell, the electric VW Bus may offer autonomous driving technology according to sources like Car and Driver. You’ve never seen a road-trip vehicle like this before.

The 2022 Volkswagen Electric Bus is designed after the classic 1960s model, although it’s received a facelift for the electric-age. There’s no doubt though, the new Volkswagen Electric Bus has the same free spirit the original model was known for.

Explore the Vehicle Lineup at Wynn Volkswagen

Whether you have more questions about the upcoming Volkswagen Electric Bus or you want to learn more about our current Volkswagen lineup, our team is happy to help! Explore our current inventory in our online model showroom, then contact us to set up an appointment to test drive one of our models around King of Prussia. Contact us today, we look forward to hearing from you!

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