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Affordable Electric Cars

2021 VW ID4


The future is looking cleaner due to the popularity of affordable electric cars. Not only are they fantastic for the environment, but they are also more efficient. Therefore, the next logical step is to find the answer to “What are the most affordable electric cars?” 

At Wynn Volkswagen, we are pleased to share with you the affordable electric cars that are available near King of Prussia. Contact us to book an appointment.

Affordable Electric Car Price Comparison

You may have noticed that electric vehicles are more expensive than gas-powered vehicles due to their costly battery. With that said, many EVs like the Volkswagen ID.4 qualify for Federal or State government incentives. For example, a potential U.S. Federal income tax deduction of up to $7,500.

After the initial MSRP, electric cars are not only easier to maintain with fewer oil changes, but they are less expensive to drive since the cost to charge an EV is lower than the price of gas. Typically, you will pay less on maintenance in the long run than a gas-powered vehicle.

How Much Does an Electric Vehicle Cost?

When it comes to how much an electric vehicle costs? The price varies. The Volkswagen electric car starts at $39,995, which is more expensive than other EVs (not all) but less expensive than some SUVs. Keep in mind that the Volkswagen ID.4 is a spacious SUV that offers plenty of room for four passengers and equipment. Some interior specs of the ID.4 are:

  • Rear Legroom: 37.6 inches
  • Cargo Space: 64.2 cu. Ft. ( when rear seats are folded)

Here is a comparison of affordable electric cars near Phoenixville:

  • Volkswagen I.D4
  • Starting MSRP: $39,995
  • Toyota Prius Prime
  • Starting MSRP: $28,220
  • Chevrolet Bolt
  • Starting MSRP: $36,620
  • Tesla Model Y
  • Starting MSRP: $49,990
  • Jaguar I-PACE
  • Starting MSRP: $69,850

Volkswagen Electric Car ID.4

The newest Volkswagen electric vehicle is an affordable electric car for many Collegeville families. The exterior offers sleek, clean lines that make for a head-turner. While the interior of the Volkswagen ID.4 EV is packed with plenty of amenities for comfort and convenience. Besides switching from gas pumps to even fewer charging stations, you wouldn’t know it was an electric vehicle at all. 

Volkswagen ID Buzz All-Electric Concept Vehicle

There is a lot of buzz in Norristown about the Volkswagen ID Buzz all-electric concept vehicle. If you love the Volkswagen bus, then you will appreciate this concept car. The interior cabin is buzzing with advanced technology and seating for up to seven passengers! Too bad that for now, the Volkswagen ID Buzz all-electric is only a concept vehicle. It sure does spark a twinkle in the eyes of Volkswagen enthusiasts. Our team at Wynn Volkswagen love the idea of this highly creative concept vehicle!

Test Drive the Volkswagen ID.4 Affordable Electric Car at Wynn Volkswagen!

We hope you feel like you know more about the most affordable electric cars, and if so, we hope you choose us at Wynn Volkswagen for the Volkswagen ID.4 EV. We look forward to being your resource from our service center, parts department, to our finance team. We are here for you!

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